Wet Meadow - Edition I -
Deauville, France

Book Details:
1 Page, 34 Images
Outer Page
352cm x 182cm
Inner book 28 pages, 12 Images
15cm x 10cm
Digital archive paper
ISZN 98778763369
First Edition November 2021

Presented as a book page of 34 photographs, Wet Meadow documents the longing for a partner separated by distance. It highlights memories of desire alongside the restrictions of communication, with the resulting emotions interpreted as a mass of conjoined images, collected on a single book page. Created over a two-day period in Deauville, Normandy. The name, Wet Meadow comes from the first reference to Deauville in 1060. At this time, Deauville was called ‘A Enilla’ coming from the Germanic ‘Auwja Auwa’, meaning ‘Wet Meadow’.