The Waltons — Edition II

Book Details:
145 pages, 68 images
Copy paper
25.3cm x 19.5cm
ISZN 8773766468
Second Edition September 2008
Published by Gareth Phillips

The Walton's is a photobook that follows the journey of a young family from a town in South Wales. Lorna and Nick, are mother and father to sons Alfie, Osian and their daughter Tove. I was invited to document the family in 2004, just as Lorna was diagnosed with large cancerous tumour on the right-hand side of her stomach. Through the unfolding dramas that befell Lorna and her family, I was privileged to witness and photograph their journey as they navigated this unexpected episode in their lives. After Lorna's arduous but successful cancer treatment, I continued to document their family, following them through the birth of their third child, Tove, and their subsequent move to Scotland, where the work ended. 

Two early book experimentations are showcased (Edition II seen here) revealing the starting point of Phillips’s photobook creations. One of the first books he made, The Walton’s is traditional photographic depiction of the logistics of family life. It highlights the realities of young parenthood, the hardships of serious illness and the inner resolve this family found to overcome one of the hardest chapters of their lives.