The Abysm - Edition III -
CultVR Gallery & Elysium Gallery, UK

Book Details:
46 pages
Wax Inks on Tyvek Paper
30.5cm x 30.5cm
Projection 487 x 487cm
ISZN 98778766569
Third Edition July 2021
Published by Gareth Phillips
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The Abysm chronicles the physical and emotional journey my father took at the onset of a life-threatening disease. It focuses on the mental health issues associated with such a diagnosis, and documents his decent into a personal vortex of anxiety and depression that consumed every part of his life. Using traditional documentary photographs, arranged in three contemporary book iterations, the work records the emotional state of a man as he reflects on his life, whilst being consumed by questions of his own mortality.

Edition III distils the previous two book editions into a ‘final edition’ of The Abysm. The book cover is presented as a large print on the wall that frames a standing plinth, holding the finished book. A living room clock overlooks the scene. Within the book, the amalgamation of continuous reworkings of subject and narrative, come together to create the final edition book.