NH5 - Edition II - CultVR Gallery, UK

Book Details:
33 pages, 33 images
Digital vinyl on custom wood frames
Various sizes
ISZN 98778766569
Second Edition January 2020
Carried out in association with CultVR,UK.
Published by Gareth Phillips
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NH5, or to use its previous name, The Old Hindustan Tibet Road, is a precipitous and treacherous roadway located in the Western Indian Himalaya. It connects the former British Hill Station of Shimla to the India-China border post of Shipki La. It was originally part of an ancient trade route and was commandeered and developed by the British in 1850 as a way of improving trade links to the Indo-Chinese hinterlands. Although the fractious border between India and China is now closed, NH5 is a vital lifeline to this border region, facilitating daily commutes for locals and tourists, the distribution of agricultural & consumer commodities, and it is integral to the construction of hydroelectric and military establishments that populate the region.

Due to the fragile nature of its surrounding mountain environment, the road is in a perpetual state of destruction and renewal. NH5, Edition II, is a photobook installation that shows the ‘constructive’ and ‘destructive’ nature of this road, and was developed from the original book dummy layouts. Using large sculptural pages that mimic the architecture of the road, the book is experienced as an immersion into its nature, highlighting the roads danger, beauty and fragility.