Land Book in 21 Pages - Third Edition - Orisol Mountain, Spain

Book Details:
21 pages, 21 images
Icebound/Acetate sheets on mountain meadow
25cm x 9.5cm x 7cm
ISZN 98778766569
Third Edition August 2021
Published by Gareth Phillips
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Land Book is an editioned book installation depicting visions of beauty, confinement, reflection and trauma that were experienced during the Covid pandemic. It is a book of photographs, printed individually on acetate pages, that are then isolated, submerged in water and frozen within individual blocks of ice. Reflecting the confinement experienced during this pandemic, the “first edition” pages are locked within the ice until they melt. In the process of freezing a metamorphosis takes place. The inks bleed off the printed pages, erasing the original printed content, before pooling at the surface of the ice to form new
colour abstractions. The completion of this process creates a “second edition” of the book. The blocks of ice, with the individual frozen pages, are then taken to a designated environment, arranged in a line, and left to melt. As the pages slowly liquefy, the Land Book takes the form of a transient object – the water and ink are absorbed and shared with the “Land Library” the Land Book inhabits. In this “third edition” the book, and its melted contents, are released from their entrapment, reflecting the gradual freedoms that accompany the aftermath of this pandemic.