I Am Afraid Of Violence But I’ve Often Submitted To It - Edition I

Book Details:
1 page, 32 images
Architects Paper
300cm x 80.3cm
ISZN 8778733568
First Edition February 2013
Published by Gareth Phillips
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Is violence an integral quality of the human condition? Is violence inevitable in an egalitarian society? Does our mass media environment conjure an echo chamber of violent acts and reprisals?
I’m afraid of violence, but I’ve often submitted to it, is a book that focuses on society’s vicarious relationship with violence. It provokes the viewer to question their role as spectator, or witness, when confronted with violence, and asks if that decision, conscious or not, contributes to the perpetuation of violence in contemporary society.
Using real scenes encountered in the city of Cardiff, this early edition in book page montage highglights the cross-pollinating roles of the photographer, the subject, and the viewer, as they transpose between being spectator or witness.