I’m Afraid Of Violence But I’ve Often Submitted To It - Book & Installation - CultVR Gallery, UK

I’m afraid of violence, but I’ve often submitted to it, is a book installation that focuses on society’s vicarious relationship with violence. Using real scenes encountered in the city of Cardiff, this 106-page, unbound book, questions the cross-pollinating roles of the photographer, the subject, and the viewer, as they transpose between being spectator or witness. 

A hand made unbound book in an edition of 10 is available.

Book Installation Details:
106 pages, 16 images
Digital Vinyl/Grey board
Open 385cm x 37.5cm
Closed 37.5cm x 13.3cm x 21.65cm
Digital Vinyl/Grey board
First Edition July 2021

To enquire about purchasing the IAOVBIOSTI unbound book please email for details