Caligo - Edition I & II - LeNeuf Gallery - Paris, France

Book Details:
59cm x 673cm
8 pages, 44 images
Digital Vinyl Paper 
Acrylic underside
ISZN 98778733369
Second Edition April 2022
Published by Gareth Phillips
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Caligo is a geo-sci-fi photobook rooted in fact, fiction and fantasy. It is a direct photographic response to the climate emergency that pervades the contemporary present. Using the landscapes of New Zealand as a setting for an alien Eden, this photobook sculpture takes the viewer on a fictional sci-fi awakening, of a group of humans escaping an uninhabitable Planet Earth, that land on the verdurous Planet Caligo. As a condition for the admittance to the new utopia vaporous lifeforms guide the new arrivals to meet a deity, where penance must be paid. The work is a reference to the fading utopia that already exists on Planet Earth, and the price humanity will pay for its continued destruction.

Book Text

…a space ship arrives on the Planet Caligo after Earth has been catastrophically wounded by a climate emergency. Traversing new verdant forests and gargantuan massifs, the passengers walk mesmerised amongst a pristine landscape, whilst vaporous lifeforms guide them towards their deity, The Waterfall of Lamentation. It is at the foot of this waterfall, surrounded by a blue mist, that the vaporous lifeforms learn of the damage brought upon the Earth. As a condition of acceptance to Caligo, the passengers have to pay a penance for the human wrongdoing to Planet Earth and the deity places upon each passenger’s face a drop of water that could never fall. A perpetual tear from the Waterfall of Lamentation. An everlasting scar of sadness that would solidify and mark their associations with the destruction of Planet Earth forever…