Caligo - Book Sculpture - Edition I, II & III

***First Prize Winner at RAFKAK Art Festival***
***Finalist Aesthetica Art Prize 2023***

Considering the future of humankind is a daunting endeavour. Our continued exploitation of the environment and its resources continues to provoke deep concern. This concern has been the driving force behind the creation of this photobook. Invoking references to environmental consequence, mortality colonialism and religion, this photobook sculpture depicts the fictional story of a group of humans escaping climate catastrophe, that seek asylum on an alien Eden called Caligo. It is an imagined planet, untouched by humans that is verdant, lush and wild. It is an asylum humans might seek after their own climate catastrophe. It is the dark menacing cloud that will always follow them. Created in the South Island of New Zealand, it is a body of work that highlights how humanity acknowledges the majesty of a pristine environment only after it has destroyed it. Although many humans seek to nurture our shared environment, only the richest control it. It is an inevitability that a privileged few will colonise a planet like Caligo. Would humanity, or the privelidged few, learn from the egregious mistakes already made in managing Earths environment? Or would they continue to act like locusts, exploiting and destroying a new undisturbed abundance? Regardless, all that would be left of Earth is the record of what it once looked like, and the Caligo project is my contribution to that archive.

Book Details 
Horizontal Edition
295cm x 460cm
5 pages, 33 images, 1 text page
Digital Vinyl

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