Caligo - Book Installation & Maquette - LeNeuf Gallery, Paris, France

The Caligo photobook installation, realised in the form of a seven-metre suspended photobook, tells the fictional story of a group of humans escaping climate catastrophe, that seek asylum on the alien Eden, Caligo. As a form of penance the humans must display upon their faces a drop of water that would never fall. A perpetual tear from Caligo’s ‘Waterfall of Lememtation’, that would serve as a reminder of theirs and their species destruction of planet Earth.  

Utilising artistic freedoms to move beyond the expected photobook landscape, Caligo is a direct creative response to the climate emergency that pervades the contemporary present as well as an attempt to reimagine current definitions of the photobook.

Book Details
59cm x 673cm
8 pages, 44 images, 1 text page
Digital Vinyl

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